Integrate UFT Developer and BPT

If you are working with BPT, you can add UFT Developer business components to flows and business process tests.

For details on creating flows and business process tests, see the ALM Help Center.

Note: UFT Developer business components cannot be mixed with other types of business components in flows and business process tests.

Include UFT Developer business components in business process tests

After you have written your UFT Developer test, you can set up a corresponding business process test in ALM containing your test methods by creating business components in ALM's Business Components module and using them in a business process test

This can be done in one of the following ways:

Manually create business components Create a business component in ALM for each test method in your UFT Developer test script.
Import UFT Developer test methods into business components in ALM

Using a tool, you can create business components for multiple test methods simultaneously.

Recommended if you want to migrate a large number of test methods to business components in ALM.

Manually create business components

When defining business components manually:

  1. In ALM, create a new business component, or select an existing one.

  2. Add a UFT Developer automation:

    Note: Each UFT Developer business component represents a single test method inside a UFT Developer test class.

    In the Automation tab, click Add Automation, and select LeanFT automation subtype.

  3. In the Automation tab, define your business component. Provide values for the required fields as follows:


    Select the framework you are using.

    JAR/DLL Path

    The path of the .dll or .jar file containing your test, depending on the framework. You can specify either a full file path or a relative path.

    Fully Qualified Class Name

    The fully qualified name of your class, including the namespace (NUnit/MSTest) or package (JUnit/TestNG).

    Test Method Name

    The name of the test method that your business component will run.
  4. Example:  

Import UFT Developer test methods into business components in ALM

The export/import procedure is identical for business components as for LEANFT-TEST tests.

  1. In UFT Developer:

    1. In your test project, compile the DLL or export the JAR.

    2. Run the export tool command line utility relevant to your testing framework, as described in Import tests into ALM.

  2. In ALM:

    1. In the Business Components module, select ComponentsImport UFT Developer Components.

    2. Select the XML file generated by the export tool, and click Open.

    3. Select the test methods to import to business components, and click Import.


    A new business component is created in ALM for each selected test method, with all required fields defined.

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Data driving business components

Just as in any UFT Developer test, you can expand the scope of your business components by creating content using defined input values. In addition, for business components, you can define output parameters as well.

Input parameters

Define input values the same way as you would for UFT Developer tests. For details, see Data-drive your ALM tests.

Output parameters

Define output parameters for business components per your framework as follows:

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