This tutorial guides you through using UFT Developer to automate and test scenarios in the Advantage Online Shopping demo web site.

Before you start the tutorial:

  • Click around on the Advantage Online Shopping site to familiarize yourself with the process of creating an account and buying a product.

  • If you haven't yet installed UFT Developer, start with Installation guide.

  • Choose one or more supported IDEs to use, and ensure that they are installed and ready to use. For details, see the Support Matrix.

Use the supported IDE of your choice, UFT Developer's IDE plugin, and the relevant UFT Developer SDK to perform the tutorial exercises.


  • Some steps in this tutorial are optional and are meant for advanced users. If you are a UFT Developer beginner, feel free to skip these steps and come back to them later on.
  • This tutorial mainly focuses on C# and Java. For details about working in JavaScript, see Setting up and working with the JavaScript SDK.
  • After you complete the tutorial, drill down to more advanced topics in this Help Center, such as how to integrate with ALM or Jenkins.

Choose an exercise:

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