UFT Developer JavaScript SDK code samples

This section includes:

Launch AUT code samples (JavaScript SDK)Launch a desktop application using different parameter combinations
General samples (JavaScript SDK)

Demonstrate how to use waitUntil

AI-based testing code samples (JavaScript SDK)
  • Create a shopping account and place an order

  • Retrieve AI object values

  • Register a custom class

Java code samples (JavaScript SDK)

Select Menu item that changes background color of AUT's main DesktopPane

Mobile code samples (JavaScript SDK)
  • Tap a button on an AUT and verify that the required string is displayed in an edit field
  • Open Google in a WebView and perform a search
  • Lock a device based on the device's properties
  • List devices in Digital Lab (UFT Mobile) lab
  • Collect accumulated device vitals data
  • Simulate fingerprint authentication
  • Simulate barcode or QR code authentication
Oracle code samples (JavaScript SDK)
  • Select an item from a ListOfValues
  • Set the value of a cell in a table
PowerBuilder code samples (JavaScript SDK)
  • Select a Tab from a TabControl
  • Set an item in a combo box
Report code samples (JavaScript SDK)

Access current report status during runtime

SAP GUI code samples (JavaScript SDK)
  • Opening for SAP GUI test script
  • Launch SAP GUI session instance and run transactions
  • OKCode and Window objects for running transaction
  • Activate item in tree node to navigate to table object, then set data for table cells
  • Set value for SAP GUI edit box
  • Select item in combo box
SAPUI5 code samples (JavaScript SDK)
  • Opening for SAPUI5 test script
  • Select and verify item from list
  • Delete item from list box object
Standard Windows code samples (JavaScript SDK)
  • Locate a Button Using Visual Relation Identification (VRI)

  • Low level keyboard and mouse operations

Terminal Emulator code samples (JavaScript SDK)
  • Wait for text in the emulator screen
  • Send a TE Key on the screen
UIA Pro code sample (JavaScript SDK)Calculate 2 squared using a calculator application
Web code samples (JavaScript SDK)
  • Perform various steps in an online shopping website
  • One-liner examples of using expect
  • Test on an emulated device using Google Chrome's Device mode
WPF code samples (JavaScript SDK)
  • Var declarations for WPF test script
  • Locate toggle button and change state

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