A relation represents direct links between entities.


A relation is defined using a reference field for each of the linked entities, in the format <relation_alias>.

You can filter entities based on their relations to other entities.

You can perform basic CRUD operations on the reference fields to update relations between the entities.

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The following demonstrates a GET request for the relations between a defect and the release in which it is detected, and then the corresponding response.

                GET .../api/shared_spaces/<space_id>/workspaces/<workspace_id>/defects/1001?fields=detected_in_release
     "type": "defect",
     "id": "1026"
              "id": "1001",
              type: "release"

Note the following:

  • type and id are native fields that are returned by default in all responses.

  • detected in release returns the release for the defect we are querying.

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