Instances (Entities)

An instance (entity) is a single member of a collection, such as one defect or one application module.


An instance (entity) is a single member of a collection such as a defect or application module.

The fields of the entity are as defined by the fields metadata REST API for an entity.

Each instance described in the REST API can be accessed directly by ID.

  • A resource instance represents an object on the server side.

  • A resource instance is identified by its unique ID in relevant context.

  • An entity is resource instance.

  • A resource instance is identified using the following syntax:

    <context>/<resource collection>/<resource instance id>

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An example of a URI of the containing collection with the ID of a defect instance appended:


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Note: For the syntax for specifying parameters in URIs, see Variables and values.

Supported request methods

Instance resources support the following HTTP request methods:





Retrieve the data

Read the entity

Supports: field selection


Update an existing entity



Delete an existing entity


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The following demonstrates a GET request for a defect resource instance, and the corresponding response:

GET .../api/shared_spaces/<space_id>/workspaces/<workspace_id>/defects/1003

    "type": "defect",
    "creation_time": "2014-01-27T13:01:52Z",
    "parent": {
        "type": "work_item_root",
        "id": ​"1002"
    "logical_name": "1nq47mymd4o28sxkyeker7l86",
    "version_stamp": ​1,
    "release": {
        "type": "release",
        "id": ​"1002"
    "description": "<html><body>\ndefect 1\n</body></html>",
    "id": ​"1003",
    "last_modified": "2016-01-27T13:01:52Z",
    "severity": {
        "type": "list_node",
        "id": ​"1073"
    "phase": {
        "type": "phase",
        "id": ​"1015"
    "priority": null,
    "name": "def1",

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Actions on instances

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