POST: Create instances in a collection

This topic provides instructions for using the POST operation to create entities.


To create an instance, perform a POST on the collection, passing a JSON string that contains at least the required fields.

To create an instance:

  1. Use the fields metadata resource, which returns the fields available for the entity/resource.

    Note: The data returned for an instance may contain calculated fields that cannot be POSTed or PUT.

  2. Create a string that has data for all the required fields and any additional fields you want to initialize. The JSON input must be in the same format returned by a GET operation on members of the collection.

  3. POST the data to the collection.

  4. On success, the HTTP return value is 201. The returned string is the complete data of the new instance. The new instance has the default values for any field not specified in the POST input. The Location header contains the URI of the created instance.

    On failure, a status code and error message are returned.

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