Public favorite links

ValueEdge users can create public links of dashboard favorites to share with external users.

Workspace admins can manage the public favorites created in their workspace.

Enable public favorites

To enable public favorites on your space, open a support ticket.

The public favorites functionality is controlled by the following configuration parameters:

Parameter Details
ENABLE_FAVORITE_PUBLIC_LINKS_PER_SHARED_SPACE Set the parameters to "true" to enable the public favorites functionality.
Space parameter: PUBLIC_LINKS_ALLOW_EMBEDDING_RESPONSE Set the parameter to "true" to enable embedding the public favorites in online pages, such as SharePoint and Confluence.

For details on setting parameters, see Configuration parameters.

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Assign public favorite permissions

In Permissions > General System Actions, assign the following permissions to the appropriate roles:

  • Share Public Favorite Without Login
  • Manage Public Favorite

For details on setting permissions, see Roles and permissions.

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Manage public favorites

Workspace administrators can manage all the public favorites in their workspace.

To manage public favorites:

  1. In the workspace area, select the Favorite Public Links tab.
  2. Perform the following actions: Export the links, change their expiration dates, or revoke the public links.

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Following are limitations associated with public favorite links:

  • The public links feature is supported for Windows machines, and for Linux machines running on kernel of version 4.x and higher. For other environments, see the following knowledge base article:

  • The usage of public links may be limited in the future by the number of available licenses.

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