Enable cloud execution

To enable test execution in OpenText's cloud, the administrator needs to create one or more cloud runners.

To create a cloud runner:

  1. In the Settings area, open the Devops tab.

  2. Open the Test Runners section and add a new cloud runner.

    Define the following:

    Field Description

    Enter a meaningful name for this runner.


    Select UFT or MBT.


    Enter the URL for your Git repository.

    Provide the path to the top-level directory of your Git repository. Do not provide the full path to the specific folder where your scripts are stored.

    If you have multiple Git repositories, create one or more test runners for each one.

    Note that in GitHub, you can find the repository URL here:

    Username and Password Enter the credentials needed to connect to Git (read-only access). If you are using public Git, provide a token.
  3. Use Test Connection to validate that all settings are correct.

  4. In the Sync Configuration section, define whether you want tests to be automatically synchronized with Functional Test Execution. Use the fields to specify when synchronization should begin, and how frequently your Git repository should be synchronized with the cloud repository.

  5. After you create a cloud runner you can open it later for editing. In the Edit Cloud Runner window, you can click Sync now to synchronize the cloud repository at any time.

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