Monitor test execution

In the Scheduled Runs tab you can track test execution and view run results in a central location, as well as manage future runs.

Status overview

In the default board view, each card shows a scheduled run with the test suites it includes. The runs are sorted by statuses as follows:

Status Description
Planned The scheduled run is in the future.
In progress The scheduled run is currently running.

The scheduled run was manually skipped, or it could not start due to technical problems such as lack of communication.

Completed The scheduled run was executed.

By default the board view includes runs from the last 24 hours and the upcoming 24 hours. You can use a dropdown in the toolbar to select a different predefined time range. If you want to filter by a custom time range, use the grid view.

To drill down to a scheduled run's details, click the run ID link. This displays all included test suites with suite run details.

To duplicate a scheduled run, select a run and choose More > Duplicate Schedule Run. Enter a start time for the new schedule. You can duplicate any scheduled run that is not in the Completed phase.

Tip: You can assign colors to cards in the board to group them in a meaningful way. For details, see Board view.

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Planned status

Each card in Planned status shows the scheduled start time.

  • Click Run now if you need to run a scheduled run outside its planned time.

  • Drag a card from Planned to In Progress to trigger a scheduled run.

  • The cards are sorted with the next scheduled run at the top.

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In-progress status

Each card in the In-progress status shows the execution duration, and the number of test suites that have been executed out of the total number of suites.

  • If needed, click the Stop button to stop execution and skip the run.

  • The cards are sorted with the longest duration at the top.

  • Click the number of tests suites link to drill down to details on execution phase, as described in the following section.

Execution phase

When you click the link showing the number of test suites, you see the execution phase of each of the suite runs that are included in the scheduled run. A tooltip on each of the filled circles shows the phase's start time.

Phase Decsription
Queued Suite run execution is waiting for an available license.
Initializing The system is deploying an environment for the suite run execution.
Running The automation script is currently being executed.

Execution phase is only displayed for cloud-based tests. For example, you might see on the card 5/9, but when you click the link you only see two suite runs in progress because the others are not cloud-based. In addition, when a suite run is complete it no longer appears in the execution phase view, which shows in-progress runs.

You can also access execution phase details from within a suite run. In a suite run's Details tab, add the Execution phase field.

Note: To see up-to-date details, refresh the view. This view is not dynamic.

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Skipped status

The Skipped status includes runs that were manually skipped or did not start due to technical problems.

You can also drag a planned or in-progress run into the Skipped column if needed. The scheduled run will then be skipped and not executed.

  • If you set a schedule to inactive, its runs are automatically moved to Skipped status.

  • If any of a run's test suites completed successfully, the card appears in the Completed column.

  • The Skipped column is sorted with the latest skipped run at the top.

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Completed status

Each card in the Completed status shows the execution duration, and the number of tests in the run that passed, failed, or were skipped. This execution summary can be seen in the card, grid, and document view.

  • Click the Results link to drill down to detailed test run results. Here you see all the included test runs, their test suites, and their statuses.

  • The cards are sorted with the latest completed run at the top.

Tip: In the ValueEdge Quality module, if you open run details using the Runs tab, you can click Open Test Run Report to download a run report from the cloud runner.

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