Convert backlog items

You can convert epics, features, user stories, quality stories, and defects to other backlog item types.

Supported conversions

The following table describes which conversions you can perform:

Convert from entity Convert to entity




Epic, User Story, Defect

User Story

Feature, Defect, Quality Story

Quality Story

User Story, Defect


Feature, User Story, Quality Story

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Prerequisites and behaviors

To convert one entity to another, the user must have the Delete permission on the source entity type, and the Create permission on the target entity type.

The conversion behaves as follows:

  • When the source entity type includes a field that does not exist in the target entity type, that field value is lost.
  • If both the source entity and target entity have a custom field with the same name and type, the value persists unchanged.
  • After the conversion, the target entity's phase is whatever is the initial phase for that entity type. Usually, this phase is New.
  • During the conversion process, set field business rules and validations do not run. For example, required fields persist as empty.
  • The source entity's attachments, comments, commits, tests, and history persist into the target entity.
  • When converting an entity to or from a quality story, linked tests and runs do not persist.

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Convert a backlog item

You can convert backlog items from one item type to another type.

To convert a backlog item:

  1. Open a backlog item of a supported type. For details, see Supported conversions.
  2. In the Details tab, click More and select Convert.
  3. Select the new entity type, and complete the conversion.

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