You can save display settings as favorite views. You can reload favorites and share them with other users.

Save a display as a favorite

Save a module's display settings as a favorite view. The favorite saves the following settings: filter, selected columns, sort order, and grouping.

The favorites only apply to the module in which they were defined.

To save the current display settings as a favorite:

  1. In the top banner, open the Favorites menu, and click + Save New Favorite.
  2. In the Save Favorite dialog box, enter the name for your favorite.

  3. To share the favorite with all users or with specific teams, select the relevant option.

    Note: Users with the predefined Viewer role cannot share favorites.

  4. Click Save.
  5. To generate a link to the current favorite, open the Favorites menu and select Copy Link. The link is copied to your clipboard.

If you change the display settings of an existing favorite, and then save or load it, the favorite icon changes to . To re-save the favorite with the current settings, in the Favorites menu, select Update Favorite.

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Manage favorites

You can manage your personal, team, or public favorites in the Favorites menu.

To manage favorites:

  1. In the top banner, open the Favorites menu, and then click Load/Manage. The Load/Manage Favorites dialog box opens.
  2. In the left pane, select the type of favorites to show: My Favorites, My Team Favorites, or Workspace Favorites.
  3. Hover over a favorite and perform the following actions:

    Action Description
    Load Display the favorite view.
    Copy link Copy an internal link to a favorite.
    Share Share a favorite with a specific team or with all users. This is available for My Favorites.
    Pin Add a public favorite to the My Favorites category. This is available for Workspace Favorites.
    Delete Delete a favorite. You can delete only favorites that you own.

To better organize or narrow down the list of your favorites, you can search, sort, or filter the list.

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Import and export favorites

You can export a favorite and share it with other users, or import it into other workspaces. Recipients can import the file so that it will appear in their Favorites menu. Exported files are in JSON format.

To export a favorite:

  1. Go to the module in which you set the favorite, expand the Favorites dropdown, and choose the favorite that you want to export.
  2. If you make any changes that you want to include in the export, save them using the Update Favorite option. An unsaved favorite is indicated by a slash through the Favorites button.
  3. Open the Favorites menu and click Export. The <favorite_name> .json file is saved to your default Downloads folder.

To import a favorite:

  1. Open the Favorites menu.
  2. Click Import and select a <favorite_name> .json file.
  3. Click Open to add the shared favorite to your Favorites menu.

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