This topic describes how to work with attachments.

Create an attachment

You can attach files and URLs to work items.

To create an attachment:

  1. Open the item to which you want to add an attachment.

  2. Select the Attachments tab and click Attach or Attach URL.

  3. Follow these instructions for your attachment type:

    Attachment type Instructions
    File attachment

    Select the files you want to attach.


    • You can select multiple files at the same time.

    • The file types that you can upload as attachments are defined by the parameter: ATTACHMENTS_FILE_EXTENSION_WHITE_LIST.

    URL attachment

    Enter a display name for the URL and the address itself.

    Note: By default, the URL uses the http protocol. To use another protocol, specify it in the URL.

    Text You can paste text directly into the Attachments tab. A text file attachment is created.

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Download and share attachments

You can share attachment links or download attachments to your machine. You can also preview attachments and review their details.

To share, download, and preview attachments:

  1. Select an item's Attachments tab.

  2. Choose the Grid or Thumbnails view.

  3. Perform the following actions:

    Action Details
    Download attachments

    Do one of the following:

    • Click the Download all button.

    • Select one or more attachments and click the Download button.

    Multiple attachments are downloaded in a zip file.

    Note: URL attachments are not downloadable.

    Share attachments

    Select one or more attachments and click Copy link.

    The attachment links are copied to you clipboard. You can paste and share the links. When a user clicks an attachment's link, a browser tab opens and the attachment is automatically downloaded.

    Zoom in to attachment previews

    Click the attachment's ID or thumbnail. An enlarged preview of the attachment is displayed.

    Use the horizontal arrows at the bottom of the preview page to move to the item's previous or next attachment.


    • The file types that can be previewed inside the application are defined by the parameter: ATTACHMENTS_PREVIEW_FILE_EXTENSIONS.

    • Previewing Office files, or other files for which browsers do not have embedded viewers, requires installing a third-party browser extension.

    • File types that cannot be previewed in the application are automatically downloaded.

    Tip: You can jump to an item's attachments directly from any grid view by clicking Attachment .

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