VuGen video gallery

This video gallery provides a selection of videos to help you work with VuGen.

What's New videos

Watch the What's New videos and learn about the new features included in the latest releases:

What's New in 24.1

What's New in 2023 R1

What's New in 2023

What's New in 2022 R2

What's New in 2022 R1

What's New in 2022

For the full list, see the What's New for VuGen and VuGen protocols section.

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Introductory videos

The following videos introduce the LoadRunner Family products, and performance testing with LoadRunner Professional.

Performance Engineering with the LoadRunner Family

Introduction to LoadRunner Professional

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Feature videos

Learn more about some of the VuGen features.

VuGen integration with LoadRunner Cloud

LRP integration with Eclipse

Asynchronous JavaScript APIs in TruClient

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DevWeb scripting videos

Get up and running with DevWeb scripts for your web protocol performance and load testing.

For the full set of DevWeb tutorials, and more videos related to DevWeb scripting with LoadRunner Developer, see the LoadRunner Developer Video Gallery.

DevWeb basic scripting

Using parameters

Correlations for DevWeb

Run DevWeb scripts in LoadRunner Controller

DevWeb syntax validation

Define run logic for DevWeb scripts

API testing with DevWeb scripts

Asynchronous APIs
and programming concepts

Define correlation rules in Recording Options

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TruClient walkthroughs

You can use the walkthrough videos to get started with TruClient and benefit from the info and tips provided to get the most out of the product features.

Introduction to TruClient

My first TruClient script

Development window introduction

Tool bar introduction

Step structure introduction

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Performance and load testing video channels

These channels provide short videos demonstrating performance and load testing functionality, and webinars on solution-driven topics.

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