Debug scripts

If your script is not running properly, you can view snapshots and log files to help you determine the cause of the failure.

Tip: When debugging your test, it may be necessary to restart or reinstall your app. To do so, select the relevant item from the menu in the TruClient Steps box for Native Mobile. This can also be helpful if you want to return to the Home screen.

General debugging

You can run individual steps to see that it is properly configured. Use the right-click context menu to play an individual step, or, to or from a specific step. For details, see Context menu.

When testing Android devices, while running a test, open the Chrome browser on the Connector machine and view the WebView console output.

When testing iOS devices, use the iOS WebKit proxy and view the logs in the connector machine's Chrome browser.

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Debug using snapshots

TruClient generates snapshots of interactive steps during the recording and replay of a script.

The following table summarizes where each snapshot is generated for each testing mode:

Testing Mode Generated in
Interactive Remote access window
Load Digital Lab

When you click TruClient's Snapshot button, the Snapshot Viewer displays the snapshots in the right pane. For details, see Snapshots. The table below describes how to locate the desired snapshot.

UI Element Description

Snapshot type

  • Recording. Snapshots of specific step during recording.
  • Interactive Replay. Snapshots of a specific step during interactive replay.
  • Iteration. Snapshots of a specific iteration during interactive replay mode.
  • Load Mode Replay. Snapshots of a specific step during load mode replay.

Slide Shows

  • Play Slide Show . Display snapshots as a slide show.
  • Stop Slide Show . Suspend the playing of a slide show.


In the Snapshot Viewer's top-right corner, select how to view the snapshots:

  • Single. Display the snapshot for a single step.
  • Compare. Split the screen so you can compare snapshots from different modes. Use the Snapshot Type buttons in each pane to select which snapshots to view. Click the Sync button to synchronize scrolling between the panes.
  • Thumbnails. Display the snapshots in thumbnails view.


Navigate to the snapshot for the previous or next step. The corresponding step is highlighted in the script.

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