Multiple protocol scripts

When you record a single protocol, VuGen records only the specified protocol. When you record in multi-protocol mode, VuGen records the actions in several protocols. To see which Vuser types are supported for multi-protocol recording, click the Multiple Protocols node in the Create a New Script dialog box. For details, see Create a New Script dialog box.

Another variation between Vuser types is multiple-action support. Most protocols support more than one action section. Currently, the following protocols support multi-actions: Oracle NCA, Web - HTTP/HTML, RTE, and C Vusers.

For most Vuser types, you create a new Vuser script each time you record—you cannot record into an existing script. However, when recording a Java, Web - HTTP/HTML, Oracle NCA, or RTE Vuser script, you can also record within an existing script. 

Since VuGen supports a large variety of protocols, some of the recording steps that follow apply only to specific protocols.

For protocol-specific information, see:

Java Java Record Replay protocol
MQTT MQTT protocol

In SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) systems, it is essential that you test the stability of your applications and services before deployment. VuGen allows you to create basic Web Service scripts. Unified Functional Testing (UFT), OpenText's functional testing tool, contains additional features that help you create a comprehensive testing solution for your SOA environment. For more information, contact an Customer Support representative.

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