Replay a Vuser script

This task describes how to replay a Vuser script.

To replay a Vuser script:

  1. Configure the runtime settings and replay options:

    1. Runtime settings control how your Vuser script is replayed. Access the desired runtime settings by double-clicking the Runtime Settings node in the Solution Explorer.

      For an overview of runtime settings, see Runtime settings.

    2. Specify replay options by selecting Tools > Options. For details on options, see Options dialog box.
  2. Replay the script. To run a Vuser script until the end of the script or until the next breakpoint, perform one of the following:

    • Select Replay > Run.
    • Click the Run button on the Vuser toolbar.
    • Press F5.

    Note: The status of the Vuser script execution appears in the lower left corner of VuGen. The script execution status may be Ready, Running, or Paused.

    • To stop a script that is running, click the Stop Replay button on the VuGen toolbar.
    • To pause a script that is running, click the Pause button on the VuGen toolbar.
    • To continue running a script that is paused, click the Continue button on the VuGen toolbar.
  3. View the logs for detailed information about how your script behaved during the replay. This information appears in the Output window. For details, see Output pane.

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