Output pane

The Output pane displays messages that were generated during the recording, compilation, and replay of your script.

To access

Select View > Output, or click the Show Output Pane button on the VuGen toolbar.

Important information
  • You can move this pane to different areas of the Main User Interface. For details, see How to modify the VuGen layout.
  • When you open an existing script, the items displayed in the Output Pane are from the latest replay or compilation.
See also VuGen user interface

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element Description

<Output type>

The type of output to display. The following types are available:

  • Replay. Displays the messages generated by the script replay.

    Note: If you double-click an entry in the Replay log, VuGen moves the cursor to the corresponding line in the Editor.

  • Compilation. Displays the compilation messages.
  • Code Generation. Displays the code generated during the recording.
  • Recording. Displays the messages generated during the recording.
  • Recorded Events. Displays events that occurred during recording.
Clears all of the messages from the message list.
Toggle Line Wrap. When selected, wraps the text of each message onto the next line - as required.
Locate Jumps to the location in the source document relevant to the selected output message.
Search Item

The text string that you want to find. You can refine your search by selecting one of the Options described below.

Press ENTER to begin the search.

Find Previous / Find Next. Highlights the next or previous string that matches the text you entered in the Search Item box.

These buttons are available only after you enter text in the Search Item box.


Enables you to refine your search with the following options:

  • Match Case. Distinguishes between upper-case and lower-case characters in the search.
  • Match Whole Word. Searches for occurrences that are only whole words and not part of longer words.
  • Use Regular Expression. Treats the specified text string as a regular expression.

Note: Extended regular expressions and multi-line searches are not supported.

Opens the Save As dialog box, enabling you to save the contents of the message list as a text file.
View Summary

[Available in the Replay log only]

Opens the Replay Summary tab. For details, see Replay Summary pane.

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