VuGen user interface

The VuGen editor and panes are the environment you work in while you record, replay, and debug a Vuser script.

VuGen workspace

The VuGen workspace enables you to record, edit and debug your Vuser script. The VuGen workspace is divided up as follows: 

1 The left panel is the default location for project management panes, such as Solution Explorer.
2 The center panel contains the Script Editor, for editing and debugging Vuser scripts. This panel is also the default location to display pages for various reports and tools, for example, the Recording Report and Runtime Settings.
3 The right panel is the default location for the Properties and Steps Toolbox panes.
4 The bottom panel is the default location for various other panes, for example the Snapshot pane.

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How to modify the VuGen layout

The VuGen window is composed of a number of zones. Each zone can contain a variety of panes, such as the Errors pane and the Snapshot pane. When more than one pane is included in a zone, the panes appear as tabs within the zone. This section describes how to customize and modify the zones and panes that appear in the VuGen window.

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