Tasks pane

This pane enables you to add, edit and track tasks associated with an individual script or the overall goals of the project. Tasks are divided between user defined tasks and tasks that are inserted into the Vuser script as action items using keywords such as ToDo, Undone and FixMe.

User defined tasks are displayed when you select the User Tasks option in the Task pane. Action items are displayed when you select the Comments option in the Task pane.

UI example
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View > Tasks
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VuGen user interface

User interface elements are described below (unlabeled elements are shown in angle brackets):

UI Element
Comments view

Comment tasks are added directly into your script using the comment syntax of your scripting language and include a keyword such as TODO or FIXME. For example, in C a comment script would look like this:

//TODO Add Parameter

The Task Pane displays the following information about each task:

  • !: Task Type
  • Line: What line the task is located. Double-clicking the task jumps to that location in the script.
  • Description: The Keyword and the task contents.
  • File: Action
  • Path: File location of the action.
User Tasks view

You can add, edit, delete user tasks:

Add a task with the Task Editor.

Edit the selected task with the Task Editor.

Delete the selected task.

<Task Filter>

You can filter tasks associated with a particular script or see all the tasks associated with the solution.