Watch pane

The Watch pane enables you to monitor variables while a script runs.

UI Example
To access
View > Debug > Watch
Important information
  • This pane is relevant only when a run session is paused.

  • You can move this pane to different areas of the Main User Interface. For details, see How to modify the VuGen layout.

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element Description
Enables you to add a variable to the watch list.
Enables you to edit the selected variable in the watch list.
Deletes the selected variable from the watch list.
Deletes all the variables from the watch list.
Expression The variable whose value you want to watch.
Value The current value of the variable. The evaluated value is displayed only when a run session is paused.
Type name The type of the variable's value after it is evaluated (for example, Integer or Char). If a variable cannot be evaluated in the current context, the type displayed is Incorrect expression.