Errors pane

The Errors pane lists the replay and syntax errors found in your script, and enables you to locate each error so that you can resolve it.

To access
View > Errors
Important information
  • After every test process, such as code generation and replay, you can check the error pane for the error log.

  • The error log includes errors, warnings and messages.
  • Community search is available with context menu on highlighted error.

  • Double-click message to jump to the location in the script.

  • You can move this pane to different areas of the main user interface. For details, see How to modify the VuGen layout.
  • When you open an existing script, the items displayed in the Error Pane are from the latest replay or compilation.

User interface elements are described below (unlabeled elements are shown in angle brackets):

UI Element
<Define Available Categories> dropdown Filters the error list by the source of the error.
Errors Shows or hides syntax errors.
Warnings Shows or hides warnings detected during the run.
Messages Shows or hides informational messages detected during the run.
! <Exclamation Point>

Task type:

  • Error
  • Warning
  • Informational message
Line The line containing the error.

Description of the error, warning or message and advice on how to fix the problem. For example, a syntax error is displayed if you opened a conditional block with an If statement but did not close it with an End If statement, the description is Expected Expression.

Note: If the description does not fit within the Description column, a tooltip displays the full description when you hover the cursor over the column. In certain cases, VuGen is unable to identify the exact error and displays a number of possible error conditions, for example: Expected 'End Sub', or 'End Function', or 'End Property'. Check the statement at the specified line to clarify which error is relevant in your case.

File The name of the file that contains the problematic statement.
Path The full path of the file that generated the error.
Test The name of the script in which the error was detected.

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