XML parameters

When you create a Web Service call to emulate a specific operation, the arguments in the operation may include complex structures with many values. You can use an XML type parameter to replace the entire structure with a single parameter.

You can create several value sets for the XML elements and assign a different value set for each iteration.

The XML parameter type supports complex schema types such as arrays, Choice, and <Any> elements.

When working with Web Service Input Arguments, you may encounter arrays and their sub-elements. You can define a single XML parameter that contains values for all of the array elements.

You can create new XML type parameters directly from the Insert menu, similar to all other parameter types. For Web Services type scripts, you create an XML parameter directly from the Web Services call properties.

Note: For protocols using XML, replay fails to create a request when a parameterized input argument contains the ampersand (&) character.

For details on working with XML parameters, see: