Create a script by analyzing traffic (Web Services)

This task describes how to create a Web Services Vuser script using a network traffic file. You can use a capture file of the following types: pcap, lrcap, or saz (Fiddler)

  1. Prerequisite: Create a capture file on a Windows platform. (Optional)

    Locate your capture file or create a new one using an external tool, such as Wireshark. For details on creating a capture file, see Create a PCAP file.

  2. Open the Analyzing Traffic wizard.

    Create a new Web Services Vuser script and click Analyze Traffic. The Specify Services dialog box opens.

  3. Import a service and add it to the list. (Optional)

    1. Click Import to load a WSDL file. For details, see the Import Service dialog box.
    2. Click Next.
  4. Specify traffic information.

    1. Browse for the capture file.
    2. Indicate whether you want to analyze Incoming or Outgoing traffic and specify the server whose traffic you want to analyze.
    3. Select the section of the script into which you want to load the traffic: vuser_init, Action, or vuser_end.
  5. Filter the IP addresses. (Optional)

    Click the Filter Options button to open the Recording options and indicate which IP addresses to ignore or include. For details, see Traffic analysis > Traffic filters recording options.

  6. Configure the SSL. (Optional)

    Click the SSL Configuration button to add SSL certificates. This is necessary in order to analyze traffic from a secure server. For details, see the SSL Configuration dialog box.

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