Import Service dialog box

Enables you to import a WSDL from a file, URL, UDDI, or through Application Lifecycle Management.

To access
Use one of the following:
Relevant tasks

The following elements are included:

UI Element

<Browse button>

Enables you to locate a service on the file system, through a browser, UDDI registry, or Application Lifecycle Management repository depending on your Import WSDL from selection.

Connection Settings…

Opens the Connection Settings dialog box, for configuring the authentication and proxy settings of the server hosting the WSDL.

Note: VuGen automatically uses the default system proxy settings for the server.

Advanced Settings…

This is applicable only for scripts created in VuGen 12.63 or earlier. Select a toolkit for the test.

Note: The Automatic setting uses an algorithm to determine the most suitable toolkit.

Begins the import process.
Select WSDL from
Location of WSDL. Browse for the information or enter it manually:
  • URL: Complete URL. Make sure to insert a complete URL—not a shortened version.
  • File: Full path and file name.
  • UDDI: UDDI registry ID. The Browse button opens the Search for service in UDDI dialog box.
  • ALM: This option is available when VuGen is associated with ALM. Enter the folder name used in ALM, or use the Browse button to open the Import Service from the ALM dialog box.

    Note: You can use the ALM Connection dialog box [VuGen] to connect to an ALM project.

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