Tuxedo correlation

Tuxedo Vuser scripts require manual correlation. The following tasks describe how to correlate Tuxedo scripts.

Note: Design Studio is not supported for Tuxedo scripts.

To correlate statements, you modify your recorded script within the VuGen editor using one of the following LRT functions:

  • lrt_save[32]_fld_val. Saves the current value of an FML or FML32 buffer (a string in the form "name=<NAME>" or "id=<ID>") to a parameter.

  • lrt_save_parm. Saves a portion of a character array (such as a STRING or CARRAY buffer) to a parameter.

  • lrt_save_searched_string. Searches for an occurrence of a string in a buffer and saves a portion of the buffer, relative to the string occurrence, to a parameter.

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