TruClient - Mobile Web protocol

TruClient - Mobile Web protocol enables you to test web applications designed for mobile devices. This protocol can simulate a mobile web browser on various devices.

Caution: TruClient - Mobile Web protocol will be deprecated in a coming version of VuGen. We recommend using a different protocol instead. For details, see TruClient protocols.

Notes and limitations

Before you create a TruClient - Mobile Web script, note the following:

  • TruClient - Mobile Web protocol uses TruClient Browser, based on Mozilla technology, to record and replay scripts. Therefore, all web applications under test must be supported on Mozilla Firefox browser.
  • When you record or replay a TruClient - Mobile Web script, the TruClient machine communicates with the simulated device using the browser's communications. As a result, the load test results may not be precisely the same as results from real devices. For more precise load statistics, use a TruClient - Native Mobile script. For details, see TruClient - Native Mobile protocol.

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Working with TruClient - Mobile Web scripts

Recording a TruClient - Mobile Web script is similar to recording a TruClient - Web script, with the following differences:

  • When you create a TruClient - Mobile Web script, you must first select a simulated mobile device for testing, and then you can record the script in an appropriately sized browser window.
  • TruClient - Mobile Web protocol scripts are supported in TruClient Browser only.

For details on recording a TruClient - Web script, see Record a TruClient script.

Once you have recorded a TruClient - Mobile Web script, you can debug and enhance it as you would a TruClient - Web script. For details, see TruClient - Web protocol.

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Add, remove, and import mobile devices

Before you record a TruClient - Mobile Web script, you must select a simulated mobile device to use for testing. The TruClient - Mobile Web protocol includes the settings for many existing mobile devices, and you can also add custom devices and import devices from other TruClient - Mobile Web scripts. You define a device's name, user agent, and display size.

You manage the mobile devices using the Add Mobile Device, Remove Mobile Device, and Import Mobile Device dialog boxes. To access these dialog boxes, in the VuGen toolbar, click the dropdown arrow next to the Add Mobile Device button and select the relevant option.

Each of the dialog boxes includes the following UI elements:

UI Element


Mobile Device

The name of the mobile device under test.

To customize an existing device, in the Add Mobile Device dialog box, select the existing device from the dropdown list and change the device settings as needed.

Note: When adding or customizing a device, the name you enter cannot be identical to an existing device in the list.

User Agent The header string that is sent to the server to identify the mobile device.
Display The width and height of the mobile device screen. When you record a script, a browser window opens at the specified display size.

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