Citrix ICA Vuser Functions (CTRX)

Citrix products deliver applications across networks. Applications reside on the Citrix server or remote machines belonging to the server; access to those applications is delivered to the Citrix clients via Citrix's ICA protocol. ICA supports a full GUI interface of the server application on the client side.

VuGen records GUI activity on the Citrix client and replays it to the Citrix server.

Currently, events are recorded in analog mode. That is, objects are identified by their coordinate position, and not by a context-sensitive name (e.g."OK_BUTTON"). For example, the parameters of the ctrx_mouse_click function, x_pos and y_pos, specify the pixel coordinates of the mouse click, found, say, within a window dialog's "OK" button.

The API is divided into the various types of client activity:

Connection Functions

General Functions

Information Retrieval Functions

Keyboard Functions

Mouse Functions

Selection Functions

Citrix Synchronization Functions

Window Functions

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