AccuRev Views in the Web UI

The Web UI includes the following views to help you work with elements under AccuRev control:

  • The StreamBrowser provides graphical and tabular views of the stream hierarchy in a depot. Filtering options allow you to control which streams AccuRev displays.
  • The File Browser is used to view and monitor the status of elements located in AccuRev streams, and to perform certain stream operations.
  • The History Browser shows the history of elements in a selected stream, or the history of a selected element.
  • The Version Browser displays some or all of an element's versions, using color-coded lines to indicate how versions were created (via a merge or promote for example).
  • The Diff tool compares two versions of a file side by side in resizable panes. See Diffing Files in AccuRev for more information.
  • The Annotate view lists the entire contents of the selected version of a text file, annotating each line with the timestamp, transaction number, and user name of the user responsible for the change. See Reviewing Changes to Text Files for more information.

Each of these views is described in greater detail in the following sections.