ALM Project Database Reference
td.LISTS Table
System and custom lists and folder trees.

Test plan folders are stored in the ALL_LISTS Table.

Folder structures are recreated with a self-join of LISTS parent and LISTS child where child.LS_FATHER_ID = parent.LS_ITEM_ID.  For top level nodes, LS_FATHER_ID = 0.

In addition, each child node inherits the LS_ABSOLUTE_PATH of its parent node and appends three more characters. For example, the children of the node with path AAAAAA have paths AAAAAAAA, AAAAAAAAB, AAAAAAAAC, and so on.

The characters V and W are not used.

 Column NameDescriptionDatatypeLengthAllow NullsDefaultFormula
Primary Key LS_IDThe record ID.int4   
 LS_FATHER_IDThe ID of the parent folder, list, or list item.  Tree and list roots have LS_FATHER_ID = 0.int4  
 LS_NAMEThe name of the item.varchar255  
 LS_SYSTEMThe permissions for the item:
R - read-only but can add sub-folders.
S - system field (ALM does not permit changes to this field).
A - all actions are available.
 LS_PATHThe highest level node has path AAA. Each child node down the tree inherits the parent path and adds three letters,where the current level numeration is concatenated to the inherited path. For example, the child requirements of the first node (AAA) have paths of AAAAAA, AAAAAB, AAAAAC, and so on. The characters V and W are not used.varchar255   
 LS_VIEW_ORDERFor internal use.int4  
 LS_LOGICAL_NAMEThe logical name consists of a context identifier, such as hp.platform or hp.<extension name>, and a name that is unique in that context. For example, hp.qc.requirements-rootvarchar64   
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