ALM Project Database Reference
td.ALL_LISTS Table
Test Plan folders.

For other system and custom lists and folder trees, see the LISTS table.

Folder structures are recreated with a self-join of ALL_LISTS parent and ALL_LISTS child where child.AL_FATHER_ID = parent.AL_ITEM_ID.  For top level nodes, AL_FATHER_ID = 0.

In addition, each child node inherits the AL_ABSOLUTE_PATH of its parent node and appends three more characters. For example, the children of the node with path AAA have paths AAAAAA, AAAAAB, AAAAAC, and so on.

The characters V and W are not used.

 Column NameDescriptionDatatypeLengthAllow NullsDefaultFormula
Primary Key AL_ITEM_IDThe record ID.int4   
 AL_FATHER_IDThe ID of the parent folder, list, or list item.  Tree and list roots have AL_FATHER_ID = 0.int4  
 AL_DESCRIPTIONThe item description.varchar255  
 AL_SYSTEMThe permissions for the item:
R - read-only but can add sub-folders.
S - system field (ALM does not permit changes to this field).
A - all actions are available.
C - can change but not delete.
 AL_ABSOLUTE_PATHAn alphabetic code showing the tree structure. The characters V and W are not used.varchar255   
 AL_VIEW_ORDERFor internal use.int4  
 AL_MEMOA descriptive comment.varchar16  
 AL_ATTACHMENTA Value of Y indicates that the item has at least one attachment.varchar1  
 AL_ITEM_VERSIONFor backward compatibility. Field may be removed in future version.int4  
 AL_VER_STAMPThe revision number of this item. Increments each time the record is updated.int4  
 AL_VTSThe version time stamp. Indicates the database-server time the record was last changed.varchar20  
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