ALM Site Administration API Type Library
Project Overview

This is a COM type library containing the API for interacting with the ALM site data. It provides interfaces for performing in code many of the tasks that can be performed in the Site Administration user interface.

In this reference, the term coclass and the term object are the same. The usage depends on the programming language. Object is used by Visual Basic. Most other languages use the term coclass.

Class ModuleDescription
SAapiApplication Lifecycle Management Site Administration Client
Public Enumerations
ALM_LOGGING_LEVELLogging level types
ENUM_ALM_LOGGING_LEVELLogging level types
ENUM_SA_BOOLEANSTrue/False constants.
ENUM_SA_COPY_OPTIONSFlags for project copy options.
ENUM_SA_DB_TYPE_OPTIONSSpecifiers for database types.
ENUM_SA_DOMAIN_PROPERTY_OPTIONSSpecifiers for domain property fields.
ENUM_SA_PROJECT_CREATION_OPTIONSFlags for project creation options.
ENUM_SA_PROJECT_PROPERTY_OPTIONSSpecifiers for project property fields.
ENUM_SA_PROJECT_UPGRADE_OPTIONSFlags for project upgrade options.
ENUM_SA_SET_USER_PROPERTY_OPTIONSSpecifiers for user property fields.
SA_BOOLEANSTrue/False constants.
SA_COPY_PROJECT_OPTIONSFlags for project copy options.
SA_DB_TYPE_OPTIONSSpecifiers for database types.
SA_DOMAIN_PROPERTY_OPTIONSSpecifiers for domain property fields.
SA_PROJECT_CREATION_OPTIONSFlags for project creation options.
SA_PROJECT_PROPERTY_OPTIONSSpecifiers for project property fields.
SA_PROJECT_UPGRADE_OPTIONSFlags for project upgrade options.
SA_USER_PROPERTY_OPTIONSSpecifiers for user property fields.

The methods in this interface return COM errors. For details of the COM error structure, refer to the Microsoft documentation, Structure of COM Error Codes.  The CODE segment of the structure contains the application-specific errors.

The following codes are returned in the CODE segment by the methods in this interface:

CodeError Description
1001General Error
1002No connection to domain server
1003Error reading from XML
1004The user name argument is empty
1005The specified user is not defined in this site
1006The site configuration parameter does not exist
1007The property does not exist
1008The action cannot be performed because the source project is active
1009The action cannot be performed because the project is active
1010The specified project is not defined in this site
1011The action cannot be performed because the project version control status is already set
1012The database property is not valid for this database type
1013The logged on user is not authorized to perform this action
1014This method is not implemented
1015Missing an argument to the method
1016Obsolete. Was: The project repository is not stored in the database