Execution Grid Tab

This tab displays test instance data in a grid. Each line in the grid displays a separate record. You can run and view tests in the Execution Grid.

To access

In the Test Lab > Test Sets tab, select a test set and click the Execution Grid tab.

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User interface elements are described below (unlabeled elements are shown in angle brackets):

UI Element


<Test Lab module common UI elements>
<Indicator columns>

Indicates that the specified test instance has attachments, linked defects, alerts, and follow up flags. For details, see Test Lab Module Icons.

To display these columns, select Tests > Indicator Columns.

<Filter status bar>

Describes the filter currently applied to the grid. Located directly above the grid.

<Select Tests pane>

Displays the Test Plan Tree tab and the Requirements Tree tab, enabling you to select tests to add to the selected test set. For details, see Select Tests Pane.

Criterion Results

Displays the statuses of the criteria for the last run of the selected business process test instance using a certain configuration.

To display this tab, select Tests > Last Run Result or click the Show arrow.

Note: Functionality related to test criteria is available only for business process tests. For details, see the Business Process Testing User Guide: Create requirement coverage for flows and business components.

Last Run Report / Report pane

Displays the results of the last test run for the selected test instance. To display this pane, select Tests > Last Run Report or click the Show arrow.

  • For a test run with Sprinter, also displays the Launch Sprinter Results Viewer button, which opens and displays the report in the Sprinter Results Viewer. For details, click the help button within the viewer.
  • For business process tests, also includes the following:
    • Enables you to expand all nodes in the pane.

    • Enables you to collapse all nodes in the pane.

  • For automated test instances, also includes one of the following:
    • Opens and displays the results in LoadRunner Analysis. Available for the LR-SCENARIO test type.

    • Opens and displays the report in UFT One . Available for the GUI-TEST test type. The Launch Report button is only enabled if you have installed the UFT One Add-in.

    • Collected System Info link. Opens the System Information dialog box. Displays the collected system information, such as CPU, memory, and processes running on the machine when the test is run. Available for the SYSTEM-TEST test type.

    • Captured Desktop Image. Opens the captured image of the machine executing the system test. Available for the SYSTEM-TEST test type.