What's New in ALM 15.5.1

This section provides an overview of the features that were introduced or enhanced in ALM 15.5.1.

Web Runner

The following updates were added to Web Runner:

Keyboard accessibility

Web Runner supports keyboard accessibility. Most interactions and information that can be accessed with your mouse can also be accessed with your keyboard.

For details, see Web Client keyboard navigation.

Filter defects by more fields

You can now filter defects by ID, Defect Summary, Severity, Detected on Date, Status, and Target Release.

For details, see Manage defects.

Show time stamp for comments

When you add a defect comment in Web Runner, your username and current date are automatically displayed above the comment.

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Analysis and dashboard

The following updates were added to the Analysis and Dashboard modules.

Composite graph enhancements

Composite graphs now support the following:

  • Differentiate line graphs in a composite graph with different line types.
  • Copy, cut , and paste composite graphs.

  • Share composite graphs.

  • Send composite graphs by email.

  • Apply the source graph layout to the composite graph.

  • Show or hide grand total of source graphs in the composite graph.

For details, see Composite graphs.

Enhanced support for new graph look when creating and sharing graphs

Graphs in the following occurrences are now displayed in the new look.

New graph type for test instances

A new graph type was added for the Test Instances entity: Trend Graph.

For details, see Generate an entity graph and Entity graphs.

Support all color related settings for pie charts

All color settings are now supported for pie charts, including color theme, group color, inner color, and outer color.

For details, see Set graph appearance.

Last Run Report supports HTML layout Images, tables, and other layouts can be displayed correctly in Last Run Report.

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My Homepage

The following updates were added to My Homepage.

Customize Overview items

You can now customize what will be displayed in the Overview section of My Homepage.

For details, see ALM Homepage.

List recently viewed entities in My Homepage

The Recent Visits section now includes defects, tests, requirements, and analysis items that were most recently viewed or updated.

For details, see ALM Homepage.

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The following updates were added to API Key Management.

Set self-service level for standard users

As a site admin, you can now use the APIKEY_SELF_SERVICE_LEVEL site parameter to control what permission a standard user is granted to its own API keys: cannot read, read-only, or read and edit.

For details, see Set up API key access.

Limit the maximum number of active keys per user

As a site admin, you can now use the APIKEY_MAX_NUM_PER_USER site parameter to control the maximum number of active API keys per user.

For details, see Set up API key access.

Display API keys creators and expiration dates The API Key Management page now displays Created By and Expiration Date for API keys.
Send notification email when an API key is deleted or revoked

When a user's API key is deleted or revoked, the user will receive a notification email.

For details, see Set up API key access.

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ALM Test Runs Injection for Octane

The following enhancements were added to the ALM-Octane integration:

  • Only test sets assigned to a cycle will be pushed to ALM Octane.
  • Push "No Run" test instances to ALM Octane as "Planned" test runs.
  • Push test set's cycle to suite run's milestone in ALM Octane.
  • If multiple test instances are added from one test configuration in ALM, the same automated test will be added to the test suite for equal multiple times, differentiated by External test in suite id, and multiple suite runs will be added to the test suite, differentiated by External run id.

For details, see ALM Test Runs Injection for ALM Octane.

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ALM Robot

The following updates were added to the project archiving feature of ALM Robot.

Project archiving is officially supported The ALM Robot project archiving feature is now officially supported, no longer in the tech preview status.
Customize export file name

When you use ALM Robot to export ALM projects, you can customize the export file name.

For details, see Export projects.

Enable checksum for archived projects

If you want to ensure no modifications are made to archived projects during their transmission or storage, you can enable checksum for archived projects.

For details, see Enable data integrity check for archived projects.

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License Management

The following updates were added to License Management.

Check edition when adding or modifying licenses

When you add or update licenses, ALM ensures only one edition (ALM or Quality Center edition) can be deployed per server.

For details, see Modifying Licenses.

Clear licenses

The option Clear License was added under the Modify License button. It enables you to clear all the installed licenses and their assignments.

For details, see Modifying Licenses.

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Site Administration

The following update was added to Site Administration.

Import LDAP users by group

You can now use the By Member Of option to import LDAP users by group.

For details, see Importing Users from LDAP.

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SSO authentication

The following update was added to SSO authentication.

Get authenticated with your default browser

  • By default, you now get authenticated with your default web browser instead of the embedded web browser.
  • As a site admin, you can use the new site parameter DISABLE_SLM_WITH_DEFAULT_WEBBROWSER to disable using the default web browser for authentication at the site level.
  • Use the WebGate Customization tool to set your own preference on the authentication browser setting.

For details, see ALM Site Parameters and the WebGate Customization Tool Readme.

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SaaS add-on

The following updates were added to SaaS.

Customize date range for QC Usage report

You can now specify any custom date range for the QC Usage report.

For details, see QC Usage Report Page.

Assign orphan users that were assigned to projects to a customer

You can now assign orphan users to a specific customer regardless of whether or not they are assigned to projects.

For details, see Orphan Users Dialog Box.

Include password policy to password-reset email In the email sent to you for password resetting, it now includes the password policy you should follow.

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New REST API for test execution

You can now use REST API to get a test execution by ID and create a test execution.

For details, see REST API Reference (Core).

Use the Login method with API key to log in ALM

The Login method now supports using API key and API secret to log in ALM Site Administration.

For details, see Site Administration COM API Reference.

New API for ALM server health check

Use the REST API to check whether or not the ALM server is running.

For details, see REST API Reference (Core).

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WebGate Customization tool

You can now configure external authentication settings in the WebGate Customization tool, including:

  • Defining custom user agent
  • Using default web browser or embedded browser for external authentication
  • Setting authentication timeout

For details, see WebGate Customization.

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The following enhancements were added to auditing.

What to log Where to log
Log who cleared history and when In the AUDIT_LOG database table
Log changes to test design steps In the AUDIT_PROPERTIES and AUDIT_LOG database tables
Log both old and new groups for a user when its membership is changed In the AUDIT_LOG file under the {ALM_deployment_folder}\log directory
Add fields to store the current user, the current project session ID, and the current user session ID

In the AUDIT_LOG file under the {ALM_deployment_folder}\log directory

For details, see ALM auditing.

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