What's New in ALM 17.0.1

The following new features and enhancements are now available in ALM 17.0.1.

Web Runner

The following Web Runner enhancements are now available:

Revamped Manual Runner

The Manual Runner has been revamped. The new design makes it easier for you to check all test step details including user data, submit defects, and change run status.

For details, see Run tests manually.

Create test coverage of requirements

You can now create and view test coverage for a requirement from Requirements > Test Coverage.

For details, see Create test coverage.

View requirement coverage of tests

You can now view requirements linked to a test from Test Plan > Requirement Coverage.

For details, see View requirement coverage.

Entity Settings replaced by Workflow
  • Workflow replaces Entity Settings, providing you with enhanced functionalities for Web Client customization.

  • Entity Settings are no longer supported for configuring defect and run settings. You can only download the settings previously defined.

For details, see Customize workflow.

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The following Analysis enhancements are now available:

Planned vs. Actual graph updates

Planned vs. actual graphs include the following updates:

  • You can now instruct ALM to calculate the Plan line of a planned vs. actual graph based on the Planned Exec Date.

    For details, see Test instance graphs.

  • The Complete Status configuration option is added for Planned vs. Actual (Last Test Run) graphs, enabling you to select which execution statuses are considered as complete status.

    For details, see Configure planned vs. actual graphs.

Show or hide total values in progress graphs

When viewing a progress graph, you can now click the new Show Total Values toggle to show or hide the <Total> category in the graph, representing the sum of all the other Group By categories.

For details, see Show/hide total values in progress graphs.

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The following API enhancements are now available:

Enhanced Swagger REST API help

The Swagger-powered SA REST API documentation continues to be improved. A side menu is added for easy navigation and search, and required permissions information is provided for each API.

For details, see Site Administration REST API Reference.

New API to verify authentication

The new /qcbin/v2/rest/is-authenticated REST API is introduced, enabling you to verify whether a user is authenticated. It supports both JSON and XML response formats.

We recommend you use this new API instead of the old /qcbin/rest/is-authenticated API.

For details, see REST API Reference (Core).

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Site Administration

As a customer admin user, you can now view the number of licenses in use and the total number of licenses assigned to the customer and its end customers.

Available for: ALM SaaS only.

For details, see Assign licenses to customers and domains.

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Changes to site parameter values are now logged.

For details, see ALM auditing.

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Microsoft Teams integration

When you click the Microsoft Team's indicator of a user field from an entity's form:

  • The entity's link is sent automatically to Teams, without opening the Teams chat window.

  • The format of the entity's link has been fixed. It now becomes clickable.

For details, see Send instant messages from ALM.

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Platform support

ALM 17.0.1 supports:

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2022

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.x (64-bit)

  • Oracle Linux 8.x (64-bit)

  • Java 11

  • Oracle Database 21c

For details, see Support Matrix.

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