Introducing Micro Focus Connect

This topic describes Micro Focus Connect's purpose and benefits, and how to get started.

Get started

Before you begin

Before you begin synchronizing your projects, consult the Micro Focus Connect Planning Guide and Worksheet.

For details, see Micro Focus Connect planning guidelines.

Install and configure a Micro Focus Connect server

For details, see Install Micro Focus Connect.

Install connectors

The Micro Focus Connect installation includes several connectors for popular environments.

You can also install additional connectors for your specific product.

For details, see Install connectors.

Define data sources

Synchronization takes place between two products. Define a data source for each product.

For details, see Create a data source.

Define a user map

If users are identified differently in both data sources, create a User Map to link between the users.

For details, see User maps and user matching.

Define a connection

Define a connection to create the relationship between two data sources, and select the types to synchronize.

For details, see Create and manage connections.

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Manage Micro Focus Connect

Configure synchronization settings

Set the frequency of the synchronizations.

For details, see Global settings.

Manage users

Add additional users and assign them roles and permissions.

For details, see Manage users.

Monitor and balance Micro Focus Connect activity

For details, see Monitor and balance connections.

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