Introducing Deployment Automation

OpenTextDeployment Automation enables you to automate the deployment of application changes. Benefits include continuous delivery and DevOps automation, reduction of development costs, and increased deployment frequency without increased risk.

Get started

Before you begin...

Explore how Deployment Automation works and what you can do with it.

For details, see Basics.

How do I use Deployment Automation?

  • To understand Deployment Automation processes, follow the steps in a simple helloWorld deployment.

    For details, see Deployment walkthrough.

  • Set up Deployment Automation elements, create processes, and run deployments.

    For details, see Management.

  • Visit the Community website to get preconfigured processes that you can import and run.

    For more resources and insights on working with Deployment Automation, see the Deployment Automation overview page.

Let's go!

When you're ready to begin, run Deployment Automation and start working.

For details, see Run Deployment Automation.

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Set up the environment

Initial setup

Before you can start work, your admin needs to install and configure Deployment Automation.

For details, see Install and upgrade and Configuration.

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