Create applications

This topic explains how to create a new Deployment Automation application or copy an existing one.

To import an application from another server, see Import and export applications.

Create an application

You can create an empty application.

Note: To create applications, you need the Create Applications permission. Administrators have this permission by default. As an administrator, you can grant this permission in Administration > Security > Role Configuration > DA Server. For details, see Server roles and system security.

To create an application:

  1. Navigate to Management > Applications.

  2. Click Create. The Create Application dialog box opens.

  3. Enter the details for the new application:

    Field Description
    Name Enter a name for the application.
    Description (Optional) Enter a description to identify the application.
    Notification Scheme (Optional) Select a notification scheme to send email notifications based on triggering events, for example, when an application deployment fails or succeeds, or when a request needs approval. For details, see Configure email notifications.
    Pipeline (Optional) Select the pipeline you want to use for this application's process requests. For details, see Manage pipelines.
    Require versions for snapshot components (Optional) Select this option to only run application processes with snapshots if all the necessary snapshot components have versions.
    If the application process includes component processes that require versions, and the snapshot does not have these versions, the system displays an error when you try to run the process.
  4. Click Save.

    To create another application, click Save and New.

    To configure the application, click Build Out.

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Copy an application

You can create a new application based on an existing one and run the same operations as the original.

When you make a copy of an application, the following items are copied:

  • Environments
  • Processes
  • Task definitions
  • Property sheets
  • Security and application settings

The copy does not contain application snapshots and component versions.

By default, the new application references the original components and processes. Modifications made to the original components affect the behavior of the copied application.

You can optionally create a copy of an application that does not reference existing components. This way, changes to the original components do not affect the copied application.

To copy an application:

  1. Navigate to Management > Applications.

  2. In the list of applications, click the Copy icon next to the relevant application. The Copy Application dialog box opens.

  3. Enter a name and an optional description for the new application.

  4. To specify new names for the copied components, select Deep copy components.
  5. Enter a new name for each component.
  6. Click Save.

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