Create deployment packages

Create deployment packages to deploy multiple applications from a single process.

To create a deployment package:

  1. In Deployment Automation, navigate to Management > Deployment Packages.

  2. Click Create.

  3. Enter the following information for creating a deployment package:

    Field Description
    Name and Description Enter a name and description.
    Notification Scheme Select a notification scheme if you want to send email notifications based on triggering events, such as when an application deployment fails or succeeds or when a request needs approval. For details, see Configure email notifications.

    Select the pipeline you want to use for this deployment package's requests. For details, see Manage pipelines.

    Note: Deployment packages cannot be deployed through pipelines that differ from the pipelines used in the application processes they initiate.

    Execution Timeout

    Specifies in hours and minutes how long the process runs until it times out.

    To run the process indefinitely, specify 00:00.

  4. Click Save.

    To start configuring the deployment package you just created, click Build Out.

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