What's new in 14.5.3

This topic provides an overview of new features and enhancements in Dimensions CM 14.5.3.

External request providers

The following enhancements are available when working with external request providers.

  • Mapping to specific Jira projects: You can narrow down the list of Jira projects from which to use issues in a configured Jira instance. For details, see Map to specific Jira projects.

  • You can use a Jira Server personal access token for authenticating to a Jira request provider.

  • The web client now offers better support of favorite requests.

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Dimensions CM 14.5.3 includes the latest PulseUno release, 21.1. For details about new features and enhancements introduced in PulseUno, see What's new in PulseUno 21.1.

In addition to the PulseUno server, you can install these PulseUno modules as part of Dimensions CM:

Git server The server that PulseUno uses for Git repositories. With the Git server, you can create and clone Git repositories, collaborate with individuals and teams, commit, review, and merge changes, and perform other common Git tasks.
Vault server The server that PulseUno uses for the library of software packages. Vault integrates with Maven, npm, and Docker package managers, enabling you to retrieve and store software components during build and deployment processes.

For installation details, see Install Dimensions CM.

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Oracle multitenant database support

You can now install Dimensions CM into an Oracle container (pluggable) database.

For installation details, see Install Dimensions CM.

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AutoPass License Server support

In addition to continued support for SLM, Dimensions CM now supports the Micro Focus AutoPass License Server (APLS).

No new license is required to upgrade to this release, and you can continue using your current SLM license.

For details on how to set up and manage AutoPass, see Dimensions CM licensing.

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REST services enhancements

Dimensions CM introduces new RESTful web services:

  • To upload, download, delete, and list Request file attachments.

  • To create, delete, and list Valid sets.

  • To get and set the list of Valid set values.

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Security improvements

To ensure that Dimensions CM remains a secure SCCM solution, we continue to perform internal security testing using best-of-breed security scanning and static analysis tools, including Micro Focus Fortify SCA.

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Download the Help Center

By default, Dimensions CM uses the version of the Help Center in the cloud. You can switch to the local mode and save the Help Center locally.

For details, see Download Help Center.

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