Area definitions and the GSL

This section explains how to create and assign areas, and modify the Global Stage Lifecycle (GSL) in the Administration Console.

About areas and deployment

In the Areas & Deployment section of the Administration Console, you can:

  • Create and modify work areas, deployment areas, and library cache areas.

  • Assign work areas to project and streams.

  • Edit the Global State Lifecycle.

  • Create and modify area filters.

To open Areas & Deployment, go to Administration Console > Distributed Development > Areas & Deployment.

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About areas

Areas are locations that are defined to contain item files for project and streams when certain item operations are performed.

You define a network node and folder for the area so that the files are held under that root folder in the same hierarchical folder structure as the items in the project/stream.

Dimensions CM has the following types of areas:

Area Description
Work area An area defined for one or more users or groups, so that their file operations, such as check in and check out, automatically use this area to contain the item files for those operations.
Deployment area An area defined to contain files whose items have reached a particular stage in the lifecycle for a project. This means that item files are moved to that area when the item revisions are deployed to the corresponding stage in the Global Stage Lifecycle.
Library cache area An area defined to contain copies of files whose items are located on a database on a remote server.

For details about each area, see Area management.

After you have defined a file area, you relate it to one or more projects/streams so that it is used to contain item files for those projects/streams.

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About the Global Stage Lifecycle

Items in Dimensions CM follow the lifecycle called Global Stage Lifecycle (GSL) that controls which versions are included in configurations and builds of the project.

Item revisions are moved to the next stage in GSL when they have reached the appropriate stage of approval, a process called deployment. The lifecycle is defined for the base database.

Deployment areas for a project can be associated with these stages so that item files are copied to those areas when they are deployed to the corresponding stage.

If you are using Deployment Automation, you can map GSL stages to Deployment Automation pipelines and environments. For details about integrating with Deployment Automation, see Use Deployment Automation.

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