Role delegation

To have the option of assigning or reassigning a role for an item, baseline, or Dimensions CM request, you can assign delegation candidates for the role.

About delegate roles

When delegation candidates are assigned, you can then choose one or more candidates for an item, baseline, or Dimensions CM request at the time that the object needs to be worked on.

For example, when allocating a request, you may need to decide to whom to forward it. You may have a large team but want to forward the request to only one of the developers. To achieve this, Dimensions CM enables you to create delegate roles and assign delegate candidates to such roles.

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Assign delegation candidates

You assign delegate roles to the required design part in Administration Console > Users and Roles > Role Assignments.

You need to select an Assignment Type of Delegation Candidate when creating role assignments. For details, see Assign roles.

You then assign the role to the required lifecycle transition in Administration Console > Configuration Object Management > Lifecycles. This means that the object cannot be actioned through this transition unless a user is delegated. For details, see Manage transitions.

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