Edit Transition dialog box

In the Edit Transition dialog box, you an change which roles are allowed to action the object through this lifecycle transition.

Field Description
From State (Display only) Specifies the state from which the transition occurs.
To State (Display only) Specifies the state to which the transition occurs.
Is a Normal Transition Select this option to indicate that this is a normal transition.

In the Roles section, select the roles for the transition, and specify if you want the roles to be optional and/or pending:

Optional Allows to action an object to the transition's from state even if there are no users holding that role.
Pending Adds the object to the user's inbox and sends the user an email notification when the object is actioned to the from state for the transition.

For details, see Roles on lifecycle transitions.

To create a new role, click the Add role button. For details, see Define roles.

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