View project properties and history

In the Eclipse IDE, you can view project attributes, history, relationships, and the default working branch in Dimensions CM Explorer.

View project properties

In Dimensions CM Explorer, you can access project attributes, history, relationships, and default working branch through a single dialog box.

To view source control information:

  1. In Dimensions CM Explorer, right-click the project node, and select Properties.

  1. In the Properties dialog box, you can choose the Project Working Request or the Project Working Branch for the project:

    • The Project Working Request is the default request that is used to be related as In Response To new item revisions that you create in this project.

    • The Project Working Branch is the default branch on which new item revisions in this project are placed.

From the project properties page, you can also select the default library cache area. Selecting a library cache area for your project can increase the response time when contacting Dimensions CM. For more information on library cache areas, see Administration.

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View project history

The history of a project shows previous actions on the project, such as file addition or baseline creation.

The Project History is the history of a specific Dimensions CM project. It contains all file changes, similar to the Dimensions CM desktop client.

The history of an Eclipse project is all the projects and baselines logically in the Eclipse project, such as derivations.

To view project history:

In Dimensions CM Explorer, right-click the project node and select CM Project History. The list of actions is displayed in the CM Project History tab.

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