Import items into project

Import the items related to a particular request into your current project when you need to merge the changes for that request into another project.

PRIVILEGES: Import Request into Project.

Note: This functionality is not available for streams. In project, it is not supported for external requests. The import operation always creates new item revisions regardless of any settings for the item type such as Don't force new revision number on check in.

To import items related as In Response To a request:

  1. Open the project into which you want to import the request. For details, see Open projects and set defaults.

  2. In a request list, select the request and select Request > Import.

  3. On the Welcome page of the Import Request wizard, check the details you have selected.

  4. To import item revisions related to any child requests for the selected request, select Also import items related to child requests.

    Note: The parent and child requests need to be related using the Dependent relationship.

  5. Click Next.

  6. On the Item Selection page, clear any item revisions that you do not want to be imported, and click Next.

  7. On the Track Changes page, select how to track project changes resulting from the import. If you select a request, the item revisions resulting from the import will be related as Info to it. The request is related as child of type info to the imported request.

    • Select Use existing request to choose a request and enter the request ID or use the browse button to select it.

    • Select Prime a new request from the importing request to create the request based on the details of the importing request.

    • Select Create a new request to create a request.

    • Select Use the importing request to use the importing request to also relate to any new item revisions as a result of merging conflicts. Note that this request must not be related to any project.

  8. Click Next.

    • If you are creating a request, the Create Request dialog box opens. For details, see Create requests.

    • If you are priming a request from the importing request, the New Request dialog box opens. For details, see Prime a request.

  9. If there are conflicting item revisions, the Conflicting Item Revisions page opens.

    Select the action to take with these conflicts:

    • Select Proceed with import without merging changes to continue to import these item revisions when clicking Finish without invoking the Resolve Merge Conflicts dialog box. Click Finish to complete the wizard.

    • Select On Finish invoke the Resolve Merge Conflicts dialog if you want the Resolve Merge Conflicts dialog box to be displayed listing the conflicts when you click Next. Click Next and process the conflicts. For details, see Resolve conflicting item revisions.

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