Check In Item/Check In Multiple Items dialog box

Use this dialog box to check in one or more items.

If you select a single item, you see two tabs. If you select multiple items, you see a dialog box with no tabs.

Use the controls on the General tab (single item) or untabbed dialog box (multiple items) to enter information about the selected items.

For a single selection, see Attributes tab/page for how to view and change the user-defined attributes of the item.

General tab

Field Description Rules and guidelines

Item Specification

The specification of the selected item.

Single item selected only.


The specification of the selected items.

Multiple items selected only.

Click an item to clear it.

Workfile containing the item

The path and file name of the checked out item.

Single item selected only.

If the item is a directory item (ends with \), the entire contents of the folder are compressed and checked in as a single item.

If you browse for an item that is on a remote node and you need to log in, the Login to remote file node dialog box opens.

Folder Containing Items

Enter or accept the name of the folder containing the checked-out items.

Note: If you enter a full path, this needs to be the folder corresponding to the root folder for the project. Dimensions CM appends the project subfolder for the items to this path.

Multiple items selected only.

Enter a full pathname or a pathname relative to the project root folder, or click the browse button to select the folder.

After item checked in

Select Keep original workfile unchanged to leave the existing file as it is in the work area.

Select Automatic get, original workfile set read-only to automatically get a new copy of the file after the item is checked in.

Select Delete original workfile to delete the workfile after check in.



Select a status to be associated with the checked in item.

Single item selected only.


Enter a comment.

Your process model may require you to specify a comment.

For multiple items, the comment applies to all items.

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