Check out an item

Check out an item revision when you want to edit it. The item revision is copied into your work area and locked in Dimensions CM so no one else can modify it.

In the desktop client, when you check out a folder item, its folders and file contents are uncompressed and reconstructed in your work area.

Your process model may require you to relate an item to a request when you check it out.

Note: This operation is not available for items in a stream.

PRIVILEGES: Revise Item Content.


  • In Windows, the file path length for a checked out file in the work area must not exceed 260 characters.

  • You cannot check out an item in response to a request if the request is above the initial stage in the Global Stage Lifecycle.

To check out an item:

  1. In an Items list, select one or more items.

    If you select multiple items, you cannot change item attributes or edit certain item properties such as the branch and revision.

  2. Select Item > Check Out, or click the Check Out button.

  3. For New Named Branch, accept or select a branch.

  4. For New Revision, accept or enter a revision ID.

  5. To change the item file location or name, enter the path in the Workfile to contain item field or browse to select the file.

  6. If required, for request ID, enter the name of the related request, or browse to find the request.

  7. If you want Dimensions CM to expand item header substitution variables, select Expand substitution variables. Note that this occurs only if Enable item header substitution is set for the item type in the Administration Console.

  8. To overwrite files if they already exist, select Automatically overwrite files.

  9. Click OK.

Note: The Status column is set to $TO_BE_DEFINED. This means that the status of the newly created item revision has not yet been set. It is set to a definite value in the Check In dialog box when the item revision is checked back in.

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