Undo an item checkout

Undo a check out when you have an item revision checked out and you want to discard your changes. When you undo a check out, the item remains unchanged in Dimensions CM.

This operation is not available for items in a stream.

PRIVILEGES  Revise Item Content

To undo an item check out:

  1. In an Items list, select one or more checked out item revisions.

  2. Select Item | Undo Check Out, or click the Undo Check Out button.

  3. If you want Dimensions CM to perform a get of the item file to the work area after undoing the check out:

    • Select Automatic get.

    • If you want the item file to be copied to a different workfile from the location to which it was checked out, enter the file name and path in the Workfile containing the item field, or use the browse button to select it.

    • If you want to apply item header substitution to this file, select Expand substitution variables. Note that you should specify reversible substitution variables to prevent the variables from being overwritten by the expanded values when the items are delivered back to the repository.

  4. Click OK.

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