Delete requests

You can delete Dimensions CM requests when you no longer need them or when you have created them in error.


Guidelines and limitations:

  • You can delete only Dimensions CM requests.

  • To delete an external request, you need to remove it in the relevant request provider instance, for example, ALM Octane or Jira.

    Note: If a deleted external request was related to Dimensions CM objects, only its request ID remains displayed in Dimensions CM.

To delete one or more Dimensions CM requests:

  1. In the web client, open the Requests view.

  2. Open a list of requests by expanding the appropriate node in the navigation pane, for example, Catalog or Inbox.

  3. Select one or more Dimensions CM requests you want to delete.

  4. On the toolbar, click More , and select Delete from the list.

  5. Click Yes to confirm the deletion.

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