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When you create a Dimensions CM request, it is added to the repository and assigned to the initial lifecycle state.

Note: To use external requests, you need to create them in the relevant request provider instance, such as OpenText ALM Octane or Atlassian Jira, and map the instance to Dimensions CM. For details, see Configure request providers.

You can save a request as draft if you don't have all the necessary information about it.

Draft requests are added to your draft list and assigned the status To Be Defined. As the originator, only you have access to your draft requests. A request is removed from your draft list when you submit it.

Tip: You can also create a request by priming, based on the details of an existing request. See Prime a request.


To create a Dimensions CM request:

  1. In the web client, open the Requests view.

  2. On the toolbar, click New , and select a request type from the list.

  3. In the New Request dialog box, enter the following details:

    Field Description


    Enter a title for the request.

    The maximum length is 80 characters.

    Description Enter an explanation of the request.

    Affected design part(s)

    Enter the specification of a design part affected by this request. If the design part specification contains spaces, enclose the whole ID in quotes ("").

    Or click the browse button and select the design part:

    1. On the first page of the Select Design Part wizard, click Next.

    2. On the second page, for Part Spec, select the design part(s).

    3. Click Finish.

    To be addressed in project

    Enter the name of the project to own the request, or browse to find the project.

    The request is related to the project as Owned.

    Related baselines

    (Optional) Enter the name of one or more baselines, or browse to find them.

    The baselines are related to the request(s) as Affected.

    Related requirements (Optional) Enter the name of one or more requirements to be related to this request, or browse to find them.
    File attachments (Optional) Attach files to the request.
  4. To set attributes, select the Attributes tab and specify attribute values.

  5. To create the request, click Submit.

    To save the request as draft, click Submit as Draft. Drafts are not visible to other users.

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