Deliver to project

In the web client, deliver to a project when you want to update item revisions in the Dimensions CM repository with files from your work area, or to create new items from files.

Deliver files to project

To deliver files from your work area to a project, you need the Revise Item Content privilege.

The Deliver process uses an atomic commit. If any failure occurs the whole delivery is rolled back.

To deliver files:

  1. In the Items view, do one of the following:

    • If you are updating items, select the items.

    • If you are creating new items, select a project folder to contain the new items.

  2. Click the deliver button.

  3. Use the Deliver wizard to update the items. For details, see Deliver changes to streams.

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Undo changes in project

You can roll back the delivery of files and folders to a project.

For example, you deliver changes but discover issues in the code and decide to remove the changes. Undo creates a new changeset with the reverted changes that preserves the full history.

For details, see Undo changes in streams.

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